Withdrawal (Or Other) Issues Megathread 🧵

Alright guys so I saw a lot of people having issues with withdrawals, coming mostly from people withdrawing on the Arbitrum network. Eventually people resolve the issues and then the entire process has to be repeated. Let’s collect all of this stuff in one thread so we can handle these issues better. :+1:

The best thing which you can always immediately post is:

  • The network on which you are trying to do something.
  • Whether you are using the frontend or cli.
  • And what the issue is exactly, meaning describe the issue, for example if the CLI throws some error or something, explain all of the data which doesn’t include your address and so on.
  • Arbitrum
  • Frontend & HW wallet
  • Looks like there isn’t any working relayer

I’ve wanted to try cli but this relayer have err status with low balance and I can’t use HW wallet anyway

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