Post-censorship guide

This is a guide to using Tornado Cash after the 8th August crisis, when the OFAC decided to sanction the organisation and the smart contracts. This led to a widespread wave of censorship from middleware service providers, resulting in users being vulnerable and unable to access their assets.

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Community build

The source code for the community build can be found on the offical community git. For a tutorial on how to audit the changes see Micah’s guide.

  • Current build version: ea97a39
  • Changelog: #003

See instructions on RPC configuration if transacting with sanctioned addresses.

ENS resolvers

The latest community builds are available at:

TOR network

Browser history must be enabled when using TOR browser for event caching.

It is now possible to access the builds via onion hidden services with the community resolver (, if there is no response see the network status page for possible disruption.

IPFS details

To get the IPFS content hash and link from the domain details. Visit the ENS application domain page at either:

The IPFS link for Classic (tornadocash.eth) for example, will look like:


The content hash of this link is bafybeiguelxw5aanwnhvaea5vjhknmcdmwvujne36wgabnkmcbt3563toa

Local IPFS deployment (recommended)

  • Brave

    • Navigate to the IPFS link in the browser
    • When prompted, choose “Use a Brave local IPFS node”
  • Chrome / Firefox

    • Install IPFS Desktop
    • Install IPFS Companion extension (Chrome / Firefox)
    • Ensure IPFS Desktop is open and has an internet connection
    • Navigate to the IPFS link in the browser

IPFS gateway usage


LANGUAGE:  ZH  |  ES  |  RU  

  • If you want to deposit you may have to change your wallet RPC, as most providers have censored the smart contracts. One of these providers is Infura, which Metamask uses by default.

  • Try searching for a working endpoint on Chainlist, which could take multiple attempts (take note of the ChainID for network configuration). An example of how to change your RPC provider for MetaMask is shown below.

  • Sometimes visiting the application you could be greeted with the following message, to fix this click “OPEN SETTINGS”.

  • You’ll then be displayed a dropdown selection, defaulted to a selection. Click on it and select the “Custom” option.

  • Here enter a non-censoring RPC provider depending on your network and this will resolve application issues.

  • Then you are freely able to withdraw, deposit, stake or participate in decentralised governance like nothing ever happened.
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