#17: ENS IPFS updates

This proposal concerns updating the organisation’s IPFS content for tornadocash.eth.

tornadocash.eth [source]

IPFS hash:


Since the last community build, not many updates have been pushed to the classic UI that have heavily modified the codebase but there has been commits to address some prevalent issues created from the previous build. A summary of the changelog below:

  • improve reentry logic for fetching relayer registry events to reduce “Failed to fetch relayers” error
  • feature support for proposeByDelegate allowing individuals with delegated balances to create proposals
  • resolved the proposal formatting bug, that would incorrectly show proposals because of missing JSON syntax
  • resolved the RPC configuration bug, that would not allow the Ethereum RPC to be changed
  • reconditioned event batching buffers more logically, meaning less demanding fetching to cater to RPC rate limiting
  • updated default RPC endpoints

relayers-network.tornadocash.eth [source]

IPFS hash:


The outdated relayers network configuration page has not been restructured to use new RPC endpoints, leaving the configuration of relayers inaccessible in a user friendly manner. This build addresses that conflict.

docs.tornadocash.eth [source]

IPFS hash:


Given the recent deployment of the documentation to the community ENS (docs.tornadocashcommunity.eth) it only makes sense to push this also to the official organisation domain to make censorship of the protocol’s documentation difficult or completely implauisble.

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Proposal now live and deployed at: