#15: Remuneration and accounting


In late May last year a transaction was authorised to subsidise the now defunct community multisig approximately 64,000 TORN as apart of proposal #13. Governance remains the only signer on the multisig after the departure of the other subsidiary actors of the organisation.

This proposal involves canceling the stream in question to redeem the approximate outstanding 25,000 TORN back to the treasury directly, rather than letting the stream fully complete and delivering all of the stream’s funds to the multisig. Which requires additional steps to manage and shall be subject to further accounting and potentially remanagement at a later date.


I am advocating for compensation for my past and to align future commitments that I have undertaken for the organisation and continue under the terms of this proposal. I extended my efforts to maintain the community and the software which grants access to the protocol after the OFAC sanctions.

Given the lack of assistance at hand, the complexity of the technology, and the potential legal ligations that may arise from my involvement with the organisation. I am advocating for a competitive salary to sustain my involvement to the organisation. Which stands at $240,000 per year, vested over and priced independently each quarter, facilitated via a Sablier stream that is ruled by governance - allowing the possibility to redact it through an on-chain vote.

Each quarter (91 days), a proposal will be required to continue remuneration for the next, this helps maximize the capital efficiency of treasury resources because of the ever-changing market conditions.

Base salary: $240,000
Payment per quarter: $60,000
TORN 24d H/L average price: $5.965
Q1 renumeration: 10,058.67 TORN


  • Maintaining protocol components to ensure accessibility and security
    • classic-ui
    • nova-ui
    • classic-relayer
    • nova-relayer
  • Maintenance and development of community infrastructure
  • Aligning and moderating community discourse
  • Aligning and advising contributors to the organisation
  • Accelerating educational resources
  • Engaging in and accelerating governance
  • Extended development of the protocol
  • Rightfully advocating for equitable resource allocation


Github: @samgos   |   Twitter: @xGozzy

  • General EVM knowledge
  • Privacy knowledge and growing cryptography skills
  • Well versed frontend engineer and designer with 4+ years expierence
  • Active contributor in governance for the past 1 year and 4 months
    • Was an active signer on the Tornado Cash community multisig, where I critiqued other peers and provided technical support and assessment on any pending tasks for the subsidiary body
    • Providing consistent technical outreach in the education of how the zero-knowledge circuits and smart contracts work
    • Helped author both iterations of the bounty program
    • Provided reoccurring assessments and feedback on community developed proposals and ideas, such as reviewing the submission for the bounty program’s analytical tool tutela.xyz
    • Aligned countless contributors
    • After the OFAC sanctions and censorship, I stood my ground and did the following:
  • Ethereum Foundation grantee for contribution on MACI


  • Cancel previous Sablier stream 103358 that was permitted to the community multisig as apart of proposal #13, returning ≈ 64,000 TORN back to governance.
  • Start a Sablier stream of 10,058 TORN for a period of 3 months to settle the first fiscal quarter of remuneration to Ethereum address 0x40d16c473cb7bf5fab9713b27a4562eaa6f915d1 (proposer, myself)

This proposal is critical to keeping things alive. To date, community development efforts have not been funded and this is not sustainable. Let’s get this passed.


from my work with @gozzy over at Firn Protocol, I can say that I give him a very strong recommendation. he built from scratch a censorship-resistant eth.limo replacement, which dynamically spins up a Tor hidden service for each ENS name pointing to IPFS content. this is some extremely hardcore engineering and privacy-enhancing technology, and benefits the entire Ethereum community. highly recommend :+1:

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Updated proposal parameters:

TORN 24d H/L average price: $4.49
Q1 renumeration: 13,363.02 TORN

The proposal has been deployed and is now live, please take the time to come out and vote in the next 5 days. I appreciate any participation whether in support or against the proposition.